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Diddy And Nick Jonas Want To Help You Relax With Bedtime Stories And Guided Meditations

These are stressful times we’re living in, so most people could use some help with relaxing. Now, Diddy and Nick Jonas have you covered: As part of a new series of Audible Originals, the two have created some spoken-word content to help ease worried minds.

Created in collaboration with Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, Diddy offers listeners the chance to get personally pumped up by him with his “Honor Yourself” guided meditation. Audible describes the program, “Find out what it’s like to have the nightly affirmation of a hip-hop legend and entrepreneur in your ear as Diddy, in his signature velvety lilt, confidently guides you through his relaxing and reassuring meditation designed to help you slow down and find inner peace.”

Meanwhile, Nick Jonas wants to help folks drift off to sleep, and he is doing so with his bedtime story, “The Perfect Swing.” Audible says of this one, “Get ready for a great night’s sleep with Nick Jonas in this serene bedtime story about baseball, one of his personal passions. What is the perfect swing? You might be asleep before you find out.”

These presentations and others are available for free, so give them a listen here, where you can also find other programs from Huffington, Gabby Bernstein, Sara Auster and Jesse Israel.