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A video labeling different kinds of ‘Zoom’ users perfectly nails just about all of us

Most of us are participating in video conference calls in some capacity right now, and Zoom has become a staple software for everyone. But whether you use Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, or other video calling tool, one thing is universal—the diversity of clear video conference personalities.

A video posted by Reddit user VidGuy14 is making the rounds and making people laugh as they recognize themselves in one or more of the shots. Are you The One Who Just Woke Up? Or perhaps The Drinker or The Walker or The Busy One? (For the record, I was like “Eh, not me,” until he got to The One in Front of a Window. Oh.)

Watch and decide:

There are a few folks missing from the video that deserve a callout, I think. The One Who Always Forgets to Mute. The One Who Keeps Talking Without Unmuting. The One Who Clearly Hasn’t Showered in Days. The Constant Snacker. The One Wearing Gaming Headphones. The One With the Bad Internet Connection.

So many ‘Zoom’ers. What a time to be alive.