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Jonas Brothers Will Document Their Huge Comeback Tour In The ‘Happiness Continues’ Concert Film

Jonas Brothers has an absolutely huge year in 2019. The fraternal trio was beloved during their initial run, but their comeback last year lifted them to even greater heights: Happiness Begins became their third No. 1 album, and it spawned their first chart-topping single, “Sucker.” It’s a period worth looking back on, and that is just what fans will be able to do tomorrow, when the Happiness Continues concert film premieres on Amazon Prime Video. This announcement, by the way, comes almost exactly a year after the group originally announced the Happiness Begins album.

The brothers were on tour from August 2019 to February 2020, so the film will have plenty of material to draw from. In addition to live footage, a teaser for the film seems to suggest Happiness Continues will have a documentary aspect as well, with behind-the-scenes footage of the band getting ready for and embarking upon the Happiness Begins tour.

Jonas Brothers started teasing the film a couple days ago by texting to title to their fans, which whipped up a frenzy of speculation. Curious fans did some sleuthing and discovered the film’s IMDb page, which lists the film’s soundtrack, which could be an indication of the song that will be performed in the film.

Whatever the case, all speculation will be either confirmed or denied with the movie’s premiere tomorrow.

Watch the Happiness Continues teaser above.