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Give yourself an injection of pure joy with a montage of animal hugs and kisses

When the news cycle and ridiculous current timeline of real life starts getting to you, where do you turn? Animal videos, of course. Give us allllll the animal videos. Cute ones, funny ones, mind-blowingly unbelievable ones. All the animals all the time, please.

The Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary Facebook page shared a video montage of animals hugging and kissing and dancing with their human friends, and it’s just the injection of pure joy we could all use right now.

Come on, the bee with the high five? The oh-so-snuggly duck? The seal who decided to use a camerawoman as a mattress? So precious.

(Note: We wanted to point out a caveat to the sweetness and fun of the video. There is a brief scene that shows orangutans in human clothing, which is obviously not a natural state for them. Though it looks like they are having fun interacting with people, there’s no way to know if or how they were trained to behave. We don’t condone training wild animals to interact with or perform for humans.)