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Arnold Schwarzenegger Hulk-Smashed Ed Norton’s Workout Style The First Time They Met

Jimmy Kimmel looked different on Thursday night because his daughter was in charge of wardrobe and makeup, and yes, 2020 is taking some unexpected turns. On a related subject, the host rustled up Arnold Schwarzenegger (who brought his pony and donkey on camera again, because why not) as a guest to discuss pandemic relief. Shortly after the 7:00 minute mark, things got a little rowdier when fellow guest Edward Norton, who has known Arnold for decades, broke down the first meeting between the two actors. It didn’t go too well for Edward, as he recounts, but the two recovered nicely.

As Norton explains, he met Arnold at a bar during a wedding reception prior to beginning production on 1998’s American History X. The future star of 2008’s The Incredible Hulk felt confident enough about discussing his workout plans at that point, but then Arnold good-naturedly cut him down:

“Arnold said, ‘You look good, You look trim,’ and I said, ‘I am actually trying to put on some size, so maybe you could give me some advice.’ And he asked me to breakdown my workout. So I was pretty proud, I was slinging a lot of steel back then. I told him my whole workout and he goes, ‘That’s pretty good. And you’re doing two a day?’ And I say, ‘No, just once a day’ and he goes ‘Well, that’s pretty p*ssy, Ed.’”

Arnold calls it like he sees it, alright. Again, things turned out well for the pair, and according to Hollywood Reporter, their new joint endeavor, the Frontline Responders Fund, has raised over $7.3 million to date. The organization is aimed at supplying personal protective equipment for first responders throughout this pandemic. Learn more about the fund in the above video, and of course, please enjoy the pony.