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Kaley Cuoco Told The Best-Worst Joke While Responding To Conan’s Thirst For A ‘Harley Quinn’ Romance

DC Comics fans have not been shy about their quest for a Harley Quinn romance (on the fantastic DC Universe show that will soon be available on SyFy) between the title character and her best friend, Poison Ivy. Kaley Cuoco, who voices the profane antihero, has been onboard that loose campaign as well, and given that Ivy’s the only one who can dole out tough love to Harley (with Harley not throwing it back into Ivy’s face), it only seemed like a matter of time before an animated lip-lock (and more) would happen. On Thursday night, Conan O’Brien welcomed Cuoco for a quarantine-style interview, and he revealed that he’s also looking forward to seeing magic happen. Her response was both wonderful and awful but undeniably awesome.

To briefly recap, Conan brought up the subject and casually tossed out, “I just wanna say, I’m all for that.” In response, Cuoco declared, “Let me put it this way: Harley’s gonna need some calamine lotion.” Conan chuckled, ever-so-sheepishly, to which Cuoco completely owned her remark. “That was a funny joke!” she insisted. “I just thought of that off the top of my head… the Poison Ivy, get it?” The host’s response? “Oh yeah.

A whole lot of fans to Conan: “Same.”

Well, it certainly sounds like a Harley-Ivy romantic romance truly sits on the horizon, and as sensational as that might seem, it’s certainly the healthiest relationship that Harley has ever known. Mr. J will hopefully no longer even be a memory at some point, at least for Harley, and her current animated show’s still currently barrelling through Season 2 on the DC Universe streaming service.