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Steve Kerr Believes Getting Punched By Michael Jordan ‘Definitely Helped Our Relationship’

In case you’ve been spending more time than usual in your fallout shelter, you may have missed one of ESPN’s most highly-anticipated television event in some time. We’re talking, of course, about the 10-part Michael Jordan documentary that premiered last Sunday, The Last Dance.

It follows the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls during their final championship run, and over the first two hours, we’ve learned so much about the team and the character involved that it’s difficult to keep track of all the moving parts. For instance, there’s already been a whole cycle in which we’ve worried about Scottie Pippen’s financial viability, learned that he’s doing just fine, then wondered again whether he might’ve been something of a villain.

It also gave us a chance to wonder aloud about Steve Kerr, a central figure of that second three-peat, who had one of the most notorious encounters with His Airness. But not only has Kerr not held a grudge toward MJ for punching him in the face one time in practice, he believes that exchange actually strengthened their relationship in the long run.

We’re not sure what type of test requires being okay with getting punched in the face, so we’ll just have to take Steve’s word on this one. He seems to be okay with it, and the results speak for themselves. Anyway, Sunday can’t get here fast enough as we eagerly await what we’ll learn next about one of the most iconic sports teams of all-time.