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Bill Belichick’s Dog Is The Star Of The 2020 NFL Draft’s Second Round

Bill Belichick is known for being a cold, heartless, football cyborg. This has worked pretty well for him, as he might be the greatest coach in football history and has turned the New England Patriots into a juggernaut over the course of his tenure in Foxboro. But like all humans, there is a complexity to every human, and every now and then, we get a glimpse into Bill Belichick: Fun Guy.

An example of this came when he got invited to Randy Moss’ Halloween party and went as a pirate, much to the delight of everyone, namely Randy Moss, who was SpongeBob. Another example of this happened on Friday evening, when the Patriots’ coach got shown on television during ESPN’s broadcast of the 2020 NFL Draft.

There was an issue, though: Belichick stepped away from his, uh, table that had laptops on it and ostensibly was his personal war room. Instead, THERE WAS A DOG.

Belichick eventually showed up and had a treat for the pupper.

There is something very, very funny abut Belichick’s dog sitting there stoically while he went to get a handful of trail mix or whatever Bill Belichick does when he steps away from work. The Patriots took an interesting player — Kyle Dugger, a safety from Lenoir-Rhyne — although I could use several more hours of footage involving Belichick and his best friend.