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Charles Barkley Tried To Tell A Jordan Story Cut From ‘The Last Dance’ On ‘SNL At Home’

The second episode of SNL At Home featured the cast of the New York-based sketch comedy show performing from the comfort of their own homes. It featured ‘host’ Brad Pitt as Dr. Anthony Fauci dispelling some bad medical advice, sure, but it also included a reference to the biggest story in the sports world.

Charles Barkley appeared from home right after the cold open as a guest during Keenan Thompson’s sketch ‘What’s Up With That?’ Appearing remotely along with DJ Khaled, Barkley was brought on by the musical show and given a strict rule: you have a minute to appear, so you don’t waste anyone’s time.

If you’re familiar with the bit here, you already know that Barkley won’t need that clock to keep him brief. Thompson’s music-happy host constantly interrupts his guests with song, usually sparked somewhat based on what they say. And that’s exactly what happens here, even if Chuck sounds like he has an interesting story to tell that didn’t make ‘The Last Dance,’ the 30 For 30 Michael Jordan documentary which he shows up in and is apparently on the show to promote.

“It was special, and the documentary is excellent,” Barkley says. “But it doesn’t show everything.”

Charles starts winding up on some “incredible stories people still don’t know” but the music was just too much for Thompson. He has to cut him off to sing the line “incredible stories,” which is a signal that Charles might not get to actually say what he wants to say.

“Yeah, you might actually hear them if you let me talk,” Barkley says at one point, interspersed with singing from Thompson as the show’s theme music rises. Chuck is definitely not used to getting cut off on TV, which is what makes this so fun. The sketch is faithfully done to the bits of the original despite the At Home nature of the show — the editing adds in a ton of irreverent effects and Bill Hader as Lindsey Buckingham never gets to speak — and everyone seems to be a good sport about showing up to keep continuity up.

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And credit SNL’s writers for knowing the hook here would be a valuable one. There are still plenty of good stories from that era that fans would love to hear. It’s why The Last Dance is proving so popular in a period of time without sports. Perhaps we’ll get to hear those stories someday, just don’t expect anything interesting to be revealed on What’s Up With That.