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Kevin Smith Finished Writing His Sequel To ‘Mallrats’ While Under Quarantine

It’s claimed that William Shakespeare wrote King Lear while quarantining from the bubonic plague. Perhaps the most lasting work conceived during the COVID-19 outbreak will be the sequel to Mallrats. On Friday, Kevin Smith revealed that he’d completed the screenplay for Twilight of the Mallrats, the sequel to his second feature — and that’s on top of his Mooby’s-based charity work. Meanwhile all you were doing was bingeing trash television or even the Columbia Noir section of the Criterion Channel, accomplishing nothing.

Smith broke the news on Instagram, writing that it was only “thanks in part” to the nationwide lockdown that he “finally” finished the first draft. The image was a view of the title page alongside an extensive, excitable caption:

25 years after the original, Brodie Bruce will be back for an unnecessary sequel set against the Mallpocalypse! Rene, Willam, Gwen, Brandy, T.S., Trish, Mr. Svenning, LaFours and the rebooted @jayandsilentbob are the returning ‘Rats in an Askewniverse imagining about what happens when the sidewalk sales end, and “happily ever after” is easier to say than live! The #jayandsilentbob stuff is some of my favorite conceptual comedy I’ve ever written but the whole script is silly, sentimental and sweet. And at 98 pages, the story moves like a brakeless bullet train! It’ll be months before we can actually shoot it, but if you wanna know the backstory, I recorded an entire episode about “Twilight of the Mallrats” for my new podcast, “Silent Bob Speaks” – available at That Kevin Smith Club (link in my bio)! And now that *this* script is done, it’s on to a new draft of #moosejaws and then the first draft of the new version of #Clerks3.

So there you go! Again, it’s only a first draft, and he has to yet to wrangle up the cast. Will Shannen Doherty return? What about Three’s Company alum Priscilla Barnes? When it materializes it will join the recent Jay and Silent Bob Reboot of View Askew revivals. Perhaps if this pandemic lasts much longer we’ll wind up with Dogma 2 as well.

(Via EW)