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Brad Pitt Made Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Wish Come True On ‘SNL’

Before the first “at home” episode of SNL, Dr. Anthony Fauci joked that if he could have anyone play him on the sketch series, it would be Brad Pitt. No offense to the the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, but… nah. Still, considering how much stress he’s been under, the guy deserved a little ego boost, and during tonight’s SNL, he got his wish In the cold open, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Oscar winner portrayed Fauci, whose message to the American public was interspersed with footage of President Donald Trump speaking about COVID-19.

When Trump said a vaccine would be available “relatively soon,” Pitt as Fauci responded, “Relative to the entire history of Earth, sure, the vaccine’s going to come real fast. But if you were to tell a friend, ‘I’ll be over relatively soon’ and then showed up a year and a half later, well, your friend may be relatively pissed off.” After touching his face in response to another baffling claim from the president (“I know I shouldn’t… but…”), Pitt removed his wig and got serious. “To the real Dr. Fauci, thank you for your calm and your clarity in this unnerving time,” he said. “And thank you to the medical workers, first responders, and their families for being on the frontline.”

Watch it below.