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Statik Selektah Previews A Previously Unreleased Biggie Verse

As much as times have changed in hip-hop, one name remains a constant when rap fans talk about the greatest MCs the genre has ever seen. The Notorious B.I.G. still appears on many fans’ all-time lists, a function of both the time-tested quality of his music and the manner of his untimely, still-unsolved death. You might think that with over 25 years passed since his debut album, we’ve all heard all there is to hear from the legendary rapper, but it looks like Biggie can still surprise us with new music, even decades after his death.

In this case, the new release came via New York producer Statik Selektah’s Instagram (what would Biggie’s Instagram be like, we wonder). After declaring himself “bored on a Sunday,” Statik — who has worked with Action Brons, Bun B, Freddie Gibbs, Joey Badass, and more over the years — posted the new verse with a question and a challenge in the caption, writing, “Some new Biggie for you? (Bored on a Sunday). Even the biggest Notorious fans prob don’t know this verse.”

Statik thanked Joe Lyons for the “reminder,” which apparently came in the form of a flyer the former DJ posted promoting his upcoming Instagram Live session playing rare and unreleased Biggie demos and freestyles. “If you are a huge fan and collector of Biggie’s music you likely have heard most of these tracks,” he disclaimed, “But tune in for a trip down memory lane to the early ’90s when #nychiphop ruled.”

You can listen to the “new” Biggie verse above.