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The Son Of A Steiner Brother Is Headed To The NFL

Pro wrestling has a long history of recruiting its competitors from NFL rosters. Roman Reigns had brief stints with the Vikings and the Jaguars; Bill Goldberg was signed with the Falcons; Brian Pillman was a part of the Bengals; hell, even Verne Gagne was drafted by the Bears way back in 1947. But now, the script has been flipped: The NFL is now recruiting its competitors from pro wrestling bloodlines.

After the conclusion of the 2020 NFL Draft last week, the Baltimore Ravens announced they were signing undrafted free agent Bronson Rechsteiner, a fullback from Kennesaw State. Rechsteiner is the son of Robert Rechsteiner, better known the world over as the Dog-Faced Gremlin himself, Rick Steiner. (TIL Rick Steiner’s ring name was literally just his real last name cut in half.) As one half of the über-popular tag team the Steiner Brothers with his brother Scott, Rick traveled the world and won countless titles (and also feuded with Chucky).

Nowadays, the elder Steiner is retired from the ring (well, mostly), working as a real estate agent instead. However, his brother is still very much an active wrestler, and as such, he took to Twitter to share the news of his nephew’s success:

Sadly, the Ravens are not playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season, which means the odds of Rechsteiner acquiring the 24/7 Championship from Gronk are slim.