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Stanley Tucci Brings His Cocktail-Mixing Skills To John Krasinski’s ‘Good News’ Potluck With Guy Fieri

Almost a month after John Krasinski and Steve Carell came together to spread some Good News during the quarantine, Krasinski’s still holding weekly episodes to spread some cheer. This has included a virtual prom with Billie Eilish and the Jonas Brothers, along with weatherman Brad Pitt, but this week, Krasinski’s all about the food (and drink) with the Potluck Edition of “Some Good News.”

More specifically, Krasinski wished to honor restaurants, which are not only being hit terribly hard by this pandemic, but they’re also “some of the places where you can find the biggest heroes.” Yep, restaurants are donating meals to other heroes who work at hospitals, but they’re also in need of some help themselves. Enter Guy Fieri (who’s established a fund to help furloughed restaurant workers) throughout Krasinski’s latest epsiode, along with a smattering of other guests dropping in with tips and visuals. Perhaps the most timely visual of all comes from Stanley Tucci, who dropped in after the 12:00 minute mark to sip one of his newly famed Negronis, which is essentially a Quarantini these days.

If you were on the Internet at any point last week, there’s a good chance that you had the pleasure of watching Tucci go viral after posting a cocktail-mixing video that caused (and cured) a lot of thirst out there. Within days, James Corden hosted Tucci for the same purpose (to make a Tuccitini, sorry, not sorry), and Tucci told Corden that he fires up his mixing skills every evening at 5:00 p.m. For Krasinski’s webcast, the Quarantini’s helping to highlight a good cause.

Watch Krasinski’s Potluck Edition of SGN, above, for glimpses of Martha Stewart and David Chang, who drop food-based wisdom. It was delightful and, yes, much needed Good News. And in case you missed Tucci with Corden, here’s that video as well.