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Samia’s ‘Is There Something In The Movies?’ Video Features ‘Stranger Things’ Star Maya Hawke

Following a string of debut singles released in 2019, rising songwriter Samia returns with her first official release of 2020. Samia showcases her swooning vocals in the heart-tugging track “Is There Something In The Movies?”

Directed by Matthew Hixon and Samia herself, the single’s accompanying video emphasizes the singles theme, which deals with the idealization of film and the celebrities who star in them. For the visual, Samia called upon her actor friend Maya Hawke, who appeared in Stranger Things and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and Charlie Plummer, who starred in Looking For Alaska. The duo act in a fictional film while Samia haunts their set, unsuccessfully attempting to force her influence on the characters.

Speaking about the single in a statement, Samia said she pulls inspiration from the ever-present feeling of disenchantment in the industry: “It’s a song about heartbreak and disenchantment with the entertainment industry. I felt betrayed by someone honoring that fantasy over my love. Glorifying the idea of legacy or life as a means to an end makes me really sad, especially when it comes to people dying young. There’s a line about sleeping with a stuffed pig that Brittany Murphy gave me the day I was born; her death has always felt painfully unnecessary to me and has fueled my resentment towards that whole thing. In the video, Maya and Charlie play ‘Movies’ and I’m just trying to make sense of them.”

Watch Samia’s “Is There Something In The Movies?” video above.