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Tekashi 69 Was Cleared To Shoot Videos In His Backyard By The Court

Now that Tekashi 69 is out of prison on home arrest as a result of his asthma putting him at risk of a possible COVID-19 breakout behind bars, the 23-year-old rapper has been setting about the task of rebuilding his music career. While he teases a possible release on May 8, he received some good news from the court today which could help him make his comeback. The request he put in for permission to shoot music videos in his backyard has been given a positive response by Judge Paul A. Engelmayer, allowing him to expand the radius of his house arrest.

According to Complex, who reviewed the court documents today, Engelmayer granted Tekashi’s request, allowing him two hours per week in his backyard on one probation officer-approved day for “employment-related activities.” He’s limited to eight hours a day in his basement recording studio, which must also be approved by his P.O.

The reason for the limit is simple: Being in the basement interferes with his GPS monitor. However, assuming his worry about contracting coronavirus is sincere and considering the circumstances of the court’s leniency toward him — the fact that he cooperated with federal authorities’ racketeering investigation against the Nine Trey Bloods — it seems unlikely he’d try to use the time to make any unauthorized trips. As far as whether or not he’s truly planning to put out new music, that remains to be seen, but all eyes will likely be on Tekashi come May 8.

Read judge’s order in Complex‘s original story here.