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The Explorers Club Created A Million Dollar Grant For Those Looking To Bridge Travel And Science

Travel needs to be about more than just a basic want, especially now. It needs to have meaning. At least that’s how The Explorers Club — a group founded in 1904 to support the scientific exploration of land, sea, air, and space through education, research, and travel — sees it. The club’s membership boasts the biggest names in science and exploration, from Jane Goodall to Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin to Sir Edmund Hillary, and Tenzing Norgay to James Cameron.

To help facilitate “traveling for more” amongst us mere mortals, The Explorers Club has teamed up with the Discovery Channel to offer the new “Explorers Club Discovery Expedition Grant.” The $1-million grant will allow would-be explorers to “explore in the pursuit of scientific understanding for the betterment of humanity and all life on Earth, and beyond,” according to The Explorers Club.

We’re sure you’re wondering, is this even open to the average curious traveler or is it for The Explorer Club members only? Per The Explorers Club: “You do not need to be a member to apply for the grant, however, applicants are welcome and encouraged to apply for membership.” The grant will be a yearly offering and winners will have Discovery Channel and its platforms to talk about their findings to help spread the word worldwide.

You’ll need to head over to The Explorers Club grant application page to submit a “pre-application.” Your pitch must include what real fieldwork you plan to do while working/traveling in the following fields: “Biological sciences, archaeology, anthropology, paleontology, earth sciences, ecology, and astronomy, as well as exploratory projects that reveal new knowledge about the planet and its inhabitants, including regions undergoing significant environmental or cultural change.”

You’ll also need a one-page pitch, three-minute video, a list of collaborators on the ground, letters of recommendation plus (a lot) more found here. This may seem like a lot, but they’re not just giving away $1-million without valid reasons and resources ready to make this worthwhile for all parties. Still, if your adventure dreams are huge, this is a great way to make them a reality.