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Jaylen Brown Hasn’t Forgotten His High School Teacher’s Prediction That He’d Land In Jail

Full disclosure, I’ve done my fair share of time in detention hall (and Saturday school, in-school suspension, regular suspension, etc. but that’s neither here nor there). The point is that high school boys can be a handful, and looking back on it, I have a great deal more empathy for the poor, overworked, and underappreciated educators who have to put up with so much nonsense.

But that’s still no excuse for casting these types of aspersions on what was clearly a talented young man with a bright future ahead. Back in 2014 when he was a high school student in Georgia, Jaylen Brown tweeted about how one of his teachers predicted that he’d end up in jail in the next five years.

The tweet originally resurfaced last year after Brown and the Celtics were in the midst of a big playoff run, and though he declined to go into specifics about what happened at the time, Brown said that he’s since moved on from the incident and no longer harbors any ill will toward the teacher in question.

But that didn’t stop him from commemorating the event once again, as Wednesday marked the sixth anniversary.

Rather than tout his trajectory of success in pro basketball in the years since, Brown simply shared this IG post from @celtics.everyday detailing just a few of his many accomplishments in the NBA and beyond.

Teachers can have a profound effect on a young person’s psyche. In Brown’s case, he was thankfully mentally strong enough to overcome perceptions and forge a different path through life.