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St. Vincent Interviews Rising Artists In The Bathroom On Her New ‘Shower Sessions’ Podcast

It wasn’t long ago that late-night TV shows were filmed in studios, in front of live audiences and with dozens of other people in the vicinity. Nowadays, though, the coronavirus pandemic has changed things: Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers, and the Jimmys/Jameses have started hosting their shows from home in recent weeks. Before all this happened, though, St. Vincent started work on a project that probably seemed more unusual then than it does now: She has teamed up with Progressive to host Shower Sessions, a new podcast that is filmed in a bathroom (or more accurately, a set designed to look like a bathroom).

All of the episodes are available on podcast platforms now (Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, etc.), and the musical performances are up on YouTube. Progressive notes of the series, “Half interview. Half concert series. 100% in a bathroom. Grammy winner St. Vincent shares the stage with six emerging musical artists. They sing. They share. And they do it all from the natural sound booth of the home, the shower.” The series features St. Vincent interviewing Duckwrth, Kassi Ashton, Loote, Donna Missal, Banners, and Amber Mark.

St. Vincent also wrote of the show, “When we filmed Shower Sessions in partnership with @Progressive, it was a little less ordinary to film in a bathrobe in the shower. Now we’re on par with late night talk shows.”

Watch the trailer for Shower Sessions above.