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The Best Sex Podcasts Right Now For Your Auditory Pleasure

Last Updated: May 1, 2020

Most people are interested in sex. There’s a biological imperative that keeps it front and center in our minds. Plus it’s a hell of a lot of fun. And though there are only so many body parts to play with, there can still be a fair amount of variety, chaos, and confusion involved in the act.

Enter sex podcasts. Well, technically the best sex podcasts. They titillate. They entertain. They educate. But which ones are actually worth your time? We gathered 19 of the best sex podcasts currently on the air (some have gone dormant but are still available for download and are marked as such). Check them out; lend them your eargasms. You’re sure to find something that introduces you to new concepts, makes you laugh, and occasionally gets you a little hot.

Sex with Emily

Voted the #1 dating and sex expert to follow on Twitter, Sex with Emily host Emily Morse is a Doctor of Human Sexuality and sex and relationship expert. Her long-running podcast draws questions from fans all over the world who need the advice of an authority. Dr. Emily is always down to answer and often brings along a celebrity guest who adds his or her own opinions and experiences to the discussion. As a pioneering sex journalist, Emily is not only qualified, she’s comfortable, meaning she will go there. And, that’s great because it helps listeners become more comfortable with these conversations.

As each episode has a central topic or two, skim through episodes until you see something that’s relevant to your current sex interests. Alternately, start with What Women Really Want. Three women in their 30s join Emily to talk about every stage of a sexual encounter, from flirtation to orgasm.

The Pornhub Podcast with Asa Akira

Having launched in January of this year, this is the newest podcast on the list. Obviously, it’s associated with Pornhub, so it’s no surprise that the host, Asa Akira, has worked in adult film. For those unfamiliar with her, the AVN recognized Akira for Best Double-Penetration Sex Scene in 2011, 2012, and 2103. But, she’s also a self-identified feminist and the former co-host of the podcast DVDASA (Double Vag Double Anal Sensitive Artist) with American street artist David Choe.

Flying solo on the Pornhub Podcast, Akira discusses sex, pop culture, and feelings with a variety of her friends from inside the industry. For people who follow adult film, it’s great to hear the actors’ thoughts and opinions about the work that they do and sex in general. We really love the Dani Daniels: Bush Is Back episode for that reason. Also, their discussion of romantic preference v. sexual preference is fascinating.

Sex with Strangers

This podcast sits at the intersection of travel and sex, making it perfect for people who not only like to learn about sex but also about its connection to a variety of cultures and people. Sure, sex is a shared human experience that most are participating in, but Sex with Strangers uses a cultural lens to show where variation exists.

In more recent episodes, the travel component has been a bit less pronounced, however, with the focus instead being on topics like paying for sex, feederism, and sex and disability. If you want the geo-specific explorations, try starting at episode one with an exploration of sex in Tokyo, episode two with a focus on Grindr in Wyoming, or episode 20 with a glimpse into the hookup culture of Iceland.

Bawdy Storytelling

This is the sexy storytelling podcast that started it all. Hosted by sexual folklorist Dixie De La Tour, the series is an extension of the live stage series, which travels the country asking people for their pervy personal narratives. Think a lascivious Moth. Each installment of Bawdy Storytelling tells a personal story and the focus is on a sexual adventure that is completely personal. The situations are always relatable, but they also run the gamut. You can expect spanking, kink, cuckoldry, carnal cosplay, furries, public sex, and more. You might even learn about a fetish or two of which you weren’t aware.

It’s not about shock value or providing people with giggle fodder. The stories can be completely hilarious, but they can also be touching or revealing. Most of all, they’re great inspiration for some adventures of your own. Episode 33 is a great place to jump in because it is the “PORN!” episode, and although people often talk about porn, they usually aren’t this hilarious when they do it.

The Manwhore Podcast

Billy Procida is a New York City-based stand-up comedian and the manwhore in question. But he’s really so much more. You might expect a podcast that centers on a dude interviewing former flames to be bro-y, and there is a bit of that. But it’s just as educational as it is amusing. There’s also the occasional lapse into awkwardness, as it would be impossible to produce a podcast full of erotic post-mortems and ex interviews without it. Guests often include sex workers, porn stars, and sex educators as well because the premise is great but Procida is past the episode 160 mark and it must be a bitch to find that many ex-lovers willing to come on your podcast.

Every episode of The Manwhore Podcast tackles sex in fresh in illuminating ways, so the basic premise never grows stale like you might expect. If you want to skip the overall romantic arc that Procida goes through and get right into the filth, start with episode 208, “The Filthiest Podcast Episode Ever Made!” Let’s just say that one woman’s journey to give a blow job to the show’s host makes for an interesting podcast.

Inner Hoe Uprising

Queens native Samantha Riddell launched Inner Hoe Uprising a few years ago to talk about sex and sexuality through the lens of a feminist of color. As the show progressed, she welcomed a bevy of co-hoes before embracing the current line-up of NYC 20 somethings: Rob, an agender black artist with degrees in psychology and human biology; Akua, an aspiring mental health counselor and single mother; and Rebecca, a pansexual femme writer and current college student working toward a degree in business administration. It’s a wicked smart group of hosts with perspectives often ignored in more traditional sex podcasts.

We listen because we support the reclamation of “inner-hoe-ness,” especially when it’s part of a larger brutally honest conversation. Although, radical self-expression produced via intersectional feminism sounds pretty dry, listening to the hosts explore topics like cuckqueens, bedding an old crush, lube, dating an introvert, and the importance of self-care is anything but. Their episode about sex, love, and dating while being a masculine, black person of size was awesome.


This podcast originally began by taking a lengthy work of erotic Harry Potter fan fiction (yeah, that’s a thing) and dividing it between the season’s episodes. Season one, for example, is a sensuous meeting between Hermione and Snape’s silken pubes in a prefect bathroom. No longer called The Potterotica Podcast, Fangasm now works with smut inspired by a variety of fandoms. Hosts Allie LeFevere, Lyndsay Rush, and Danny Chapman aren’t producing an audiobook. No. In addition to reading, there is a ton of hilarious chat and even a few parody songs. You will never listen to “No Diggity” the same after hearing their version.

Fangasm has so many inside jokes that there is a wiki dedicated to breaking down every episode and explaining their references. There is also a totally passionate following thanks to a dedicated Facebook group. Listeners of don’t just get entertained, they become part of a rabid fan community. Every episode of this show is hilarious, but the show also gets better the more that you listen, so starting in the middle works well. Scan their offerings for your fave characters, and dive right in. Or, start with Season three, episode one, “D!ck GIF,” and see what’s waiting in a special chamber of secrets.

Room For Relations

In January of 2015, relationship therapist Eboni Harris launched her sex and relationship podcast. It was a very simple set-up: invite a few friends on the show to talk about sex, love, and dating. These days it also includes professionals and experts, but the topics remain the same. One of the best parts of the show is the amount of commentary about black love, which isn’t something many sexy podcasts either choose to cover or are capable of covering effectively. So this podcast serves an important role in helping the black community gather information about healthy relationships, family, and mental health.

Obviously, given the complicated subject matter, Room for Relations has some moments of seriousness that others on the list don’t. But it absolutely is not without humor and charm in large amounts. If you’re looking for a great episode to begin with, try Room 339, “Convicted Hoe,” to listen to a really thorough discussion of toxic relationships. You will learn something.

Swingercast [INACTIVE]

Hosts Allie and John are swingers who invite listeners into their lifestyle. They share their sex adventures, introduce other swingers, and educate listeners on the mores of the community. There is a touch of the voyeuristic, as they are not shy at all. Beyond that, it’s interesting and informative. Swingercast is also a little weird and not because of the sex. The hosts are a trip. There is a lot more saccharine sweet talk than you expect on a podcast that is sometimes about double penetration. They have this curious dynamic. If you are interested in swinging, the podcast is limitlessly useful. But, it’s also great for people who are already in the swinging game.

Though there is some humor (often unintentional), many listeners focus on how hot the pod can be. Allie narrating their adventures in her whispery voice leaves many an audience member aroused. Try starting with episode 85, “Private and Erotic Gang Bang,” where the hosts take video of an actual gangbang and talk about their adventures.

Celestial Sex [INACTIVE]

This is an unusual sex podcast in that it combines religion with sex. Host Chris Duce was raised Mormon and spent his youth inundated with teachings that insisted premarital sex was sin and blowjobs were never to be given. But, he was a curious 15-year-old listening to Loveline in secret. Like many people with a religious upbringing, Duce had trouble accepting the dogmatic rules and puzzling practices of his faith. Celestial Sex is a catharsis of sorts both for the host and for listeners who also grew up religious. There are frequent guests who address different aspects of sex and Mormonism, like masturbation, homosexuality, early sexual experiences, and the law of chastity.

You learn a lot about sex, but you learn about it in the context of Mormonism, which is fascinating. To get a feel for the show, start with the October 26, 2016 episode with Ashley, a literature student getting her Master’s degree who shares not only a ton of personal experiences (like getting her first pube) but also gives listeners some solid book reccs.

Talk About Gay Sex

For listeners looking for a completely homosexual podcast experience, we’ve got you covered. Host Steve V. Rodriguez drives this show with authority, making sure important information — like when to disclose HIV status — gets disseminated. But that doesn’t stop things from getting filthy and hilarious. Along with sidekicks Jeremy Ross Lopez and Steve Carpenter, as well as a hefty list of guests from the who’s who of the LGBTQIA community, Rodriguez is down to talk about anything (legit, there is a whole discussion in one episode about taking the best hole pic).

You might think you know all there is to know about gay sex, but we would bet money you’ll learn a thing or two listening to Talk About Gay Sex. Plus, even if you don’t learn a damn thing, you will still laugh your ass off. Try listening to an episode without wanting to hang or have sex with Rodriguez and crew, especially since so many episodes are just the hosts detailing their escapades. If you wanna get right to that, start listening with episode 63, “Hot Gay Sex Stories.”

Tinder Tales

This list gives the impression that comedians based in the NYC area are somehow duty-bound to host sex podcasts, but we still had to include comedian David Piccolomini’s pod (yes, he lives in Brooklyn). Tinder Tales is a podcast with some online dating gossip and plenty of horror stories, which we love because we come correct for drama. We also like that the info comes via fellow comedians and friends of Piccolomini and that there’s legit insight to gain into writing an engaging Tinder profile, sending the first message, and steps to take on an actual date.

We were turned on to this podcast via Matt Moran in the comment section of this post, and it was a solid recommendation because we binged like mofos. Of the more recent episodes, we were dying listening to guest Maddy Smith on the episode titled “Drier Than The Cinnamon Challenge.” It’s a must listen.

Turn Me On

This is another podcast hosted by a husband/wife duo. This married, poly couple loves talking about sex and they do it with humor and intelligence. Their cred? Well, husband Jeremie lost his virginity in a threesome, so you know he’s adventurous; and, wife Bryde dragged his ass into the studio to talk about sex through the lens of their own experience. Their genuine humor and obvious love for each other undergirds the entire undertaking. Imagine the surprise and sadness when they released an episode titled “We’re Getting A Divorce.” Luckily, it was a fake-out. Bryde was only taking a three-month trip to Mexico with her other lover. As in other episodes of the pod, they spent the “divorce” hour work through some feelings in front of the listeners.

There isn’t anything the hosts of Turn Me On won’t talk about (did you need a sound effect for getting your balls sucked?), and we are big fans of the pair’s honesty and humor. We also tune in to hear them turn sponsors like Hello Fresh into something that sounds dirty. If you are looking for a great episode to begin with, try episode two, “The Wishmaster Confessions of a Cam Girl.” Learn about the kind of wishes that can only be granted by sex workers.

Knightly Pleasures

Knightly Pleasures

Okay, The Grey Knight (host of Knightly Pleasures) explicitly says he makes erotica for women, but we think this pod has a bit more range than that — as listeners are treated not only to the erotica but also ASMR, sleep and relaxations aids, BDSM, and some boyfriend experience. There’s also occasionally some daddy dom stuff happening, and we know that everyone isn’t into roleplay, so be warned. The Knight started writing erotica and then transitioned to the podcast format, allowing him to build on a background in radio. Seriously, the sonorous tones are especially important if you are looking for a sex podcast that lets you close your eyes and slap on headphones for some alone time.

The Knight’s fans are rabidly passionate. They have formed a community that sees themselves as a family. They celebrate the host’s voice and his sensuous writings. But, they are also into his laugh and his revealing question-and-answer sessions. There is a genuine bond here between sexy, humble host and listener. Episode 97, “Brunch and Munch,” is a great example of the host’s imagination and desire to please.

Sex Gets Real

It was January 2014 and Dawn Serra and Dylan Payne were both disturbed and amused by the ludicrous strap-on sex advice they were hearing on a podcast. Despite a lack of experience with podcasting or medical licensing, they felt starting their own show was the only solution. The world was in desperate need of their sage wisdom. They termed it “setting the record straight in our own silly, loving ways,” and that’s why we fell in love with the show. When Payne had to leave Sex Gets Real for professional reasons, we were pretty sad, but Serra rolls solo with humor and professionalism that quickly filled the hole left by her co-host.

For listeners who want their questions answered and insight from renowned experts in the sex field, this podcast will give you everything you are looking for. We were really into episode 208, which included sex educator Roan Coughtry, who covered intersectional sex ed. The added mega-bonus is that you will be amused as you are educated. Is there a cringe-factor? Totally. But, when your abs are sore from laughing, you won’t care.

Who Do You Kink You Are? [INACTIVE]

Co-hosts Ari the Black Sexplorer, Mickie the WannaBe Sexpert, and Tracy the Wise grew tired of being objectified as black women and the accompanying policing of their sexuality. When it felt like everyone was part of the conversation about the sex they should and shouldn’t be having, they decided to make their voices heard through podcasting. The goal of Who Do You Kink You Are? is to talk about relationships, sex, and kink in a way that reaches listeners and makes them feel empowered in their desires and confident in speaking up for what they want. Nothing wrong with that.

And though the podcast specifically caters to women of color, every listener will be entertained and educated listening to the stories of women who are figuring out what they want from sex and relationships. In a lot of cases, that answer seems to be a face full of semen. Bonus: the show is really upfront and forgiving about the mistakes that get made when exploring romance and sex, and we think people deserve more of that. It’s great to hear, and we suggest you begin listening with episode eight, “Masturbation and more with Special Guest LipsnLiqs,” which details a masturbation journey.

The Dildorks

Oh, how we love the name of this podcast. We also love listening to co-hosts Bex Caputo and Kate Sloan go deep with sex and dating talk. Their friendly rapport makes you feel like you are hanging out with friends. However, the knowledge these two bring is vast, so it’s really like hanging out with the smartest, sex positive-est friends you’ve ever made. Both hosts are respected sex writers (each runs their own website) and proud nerds, meaning that they make a lot of references that fellow dorks will get. It also means that they love learning and researching, so each episode teaches listeners something on top of being amusing and engaging.

There is no shortage of reasons to love The Dildorks, but one of the primary ones is that it never runs out of new things to talk about. We loved the Sextual Intercourse episode, which dealt with all the aspects of sexting we could think of and a few that never occurred to us. Seriously, we didn’t see sexting prompts coming.

Off the Cuffs

This weekly kink and BDSM podcast is hosted by Dick_Wound and minimus_maximus, a due who are well versed enough in the lifestyle to lead both seasoned kinksters and curious bystanders through complicated discussions inclusively. And the focus isn’t simply on tie me up, tie me down BDSM acts. There is a lot of talk about scene etiquette and relationship management as well. Listeners of Off the Cuffs get a well-rounded discussion of the sadistic, the sensual, and the cerebral.

The guests on this podcast are varied and knowledgeable, but one of our fave appearances was by Domme Servo, who talked both humiliation and MST3K. Plus, fans have the option of donating to the gang’s podcast, which is fun for everyone because every dollar results in Max getting hit by Dick. The higher the donation, the more strokes. Start with episode seven, “Bondage. James Bondage.”

EDITOR’S PICK: Shameless Sex

Shameless Sex hosts April Lampert and Amy Baldwin are both accomplished sex educators with a passion for removing the stigmas around sexuality and pleasure. Their stated POV is one of “radical self-love, empowerment, and shame-free intimacy” and it shows. Episodes are thoughtful and reflective while still revealing the hosts’ shared passion for all things good sex. When mistakes are made, they call themselves out; when ideas need to be reevaluated, they’re up for the challenge.

Guests on the show span a wide range of interests and areas of expertise, with both hosts eager to push discussions beyond their own sexual worldviews. On a recent interview, co-host Amy Baldwin called out episode #149 — “Group Sex, Sex-Parties, and Gang Bangs” featuring Billy Procida of The Manwhore Podcast as a personal favorite.

“It’s fun and playful and it talks about consent a lot,” Baldwin says. “People just think ‘swingers! They go do their thing!’ but Billy really explains how there’s a lot more to it.”