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Fender Is Giving Away Free Lessons So That You Can Come Out Of Quarantine With Some Music Skill

Quarantine may have provided us with all the time in the world to finally learn how to play that guitar we occasionally fiddle around on, but it didn’t provide us with the guidance to really level up our skills in a measurable way. YouTube tutorials can only take you so far, if you truly want to have the level of skill that those nerds at Guitar Center who annoy everyone with their faithful “Stairway To Heaven” renditions have, you’re going to need some professional help. You can teach yourself a lot about the guitar by just using your ears and learning to play your favorite songs, but learning the basics of music theory and understanding the layout of the fretboard will take you further and faster in developing your craft.

Fender, makers of many of the most visually iconic guitars in rock history, are willing to help you on that journey by offering a lengthy free trial of their online guitar lessons. Through their Fender Play platform, Fender is offering three free months of electric or acoustic guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons with no payment info needed to signup. The lessons include step-by-step tutorials that’ll teach you the basics or walk you through learning your favorite popular songs. The tutorials are broken down in bite-size portions that are large enough to make you feel like one a day is an accomplishment, but small enough that there is room to push yourself through a few more. Access to easy to read tablature makes learning popular songs easier for those unwilling to learn how to read music.

Now you can emerge from quarantine with some serious skills, which will come in handy when we all get together on camping trips or beach hangouts in the future. The thought of a person wearing a fedora and playing an acoustic guitar on the beach used to make me cringe. Now? I’d give anything to be making a s’more at a beach while someone drops a whole heap of Jason Mraz covers.