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A child’s future bedtime story portrays a post-COVID world that learned from its mistakes

While the coronavirus pandemic is undeniably a devastating global crisis, it’s also an unprecedented opportunity. A chance for humanity to take a pause. A chance for us to step back and examine the world we’ve built. A chance to decide if what we have to look back on is really the “normal” we want to return to.

This idea of reimagining normal is explored through a child’s bedtime story in the now viral video called “The Great Realisation.” Released on YouTube on April 29 by a new channel called Probably Tomfoolery, the video goes through four minutes of rhyming poetry that outlines where we were before the pandemic and where we end up in the future.

The Great Realisation

The story is profound, beautiful, and most importantly, hopeful. It gives fulfilment to the desire so any of us have to not return to the normal that was, but to build a new normal that befits humanity true potential. And it does so in a way that doesn’t preach or point fingers, but rather pushes us to think about what we want the world to look like on the other side of this pandemic.

Definitely worth four minutes of your time.