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Michael Jordan Remembers Punching Steve Kerr Next Week On ‘The Last Dance’

There was a lot to unpack from the fifth and sixth episodes of The Last Dance, from Jordan’s rise to becoming the world’s most famous athlete to his relationship with Kobe Bryant to his “Republicans buy sneakers too” comment to his affection for gambling. It was quite the journey, and what we saw on Sunday night will surely lead the sports conversation for the coming days, but ESPN made sure to let us know we’re diving even further into the weeds next week, and getting to a story many hoped we’d see.

As the documentary backtracks and traces Jordan’s career, they will look at his retirement and how the Bulls navigated the 1993-94 season without him, but it will also bring us to the infamous practice fight between Jordan and Steve Kerr, where Mike punched Kerr in the eye.

ESPN teased a minute of that discussion out in a video late Sunday night, as Kerr and Jordan remember what led to their spat and Jordan ultimately punching Kerr and getting kicked out of practice.

It’s far from the only practice fight the Bulls had — Will Perdue recalls being punched by Jordan too — but given Kerr’s status now as coach of the Warriors, this is the one most often referenced when discussing Mike’s intensity in practices. Hopefully there’s some footage of the fight that can accompany the accounts from the various parties, but whatever the case we’re going to apparently touch on his practice intensity more in the upcoming episode and those stories are always fun.