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Brittany Howard Launches A Curated Sonos Radio Station Of Songs That Have Inspired Her

Alabama Shakes vocalist Brittany Howard recently pivoted towards solo music with her soulful record Jaime. Now, Howard is bringing her musical influence to the airwaves: The singer has partnered with Sonos to create a curated station of music that inspires her.

Titled The Encyclopedia Of Brittany, the new Sonos Radio station begins streaming today (May 5). It features commentary by Howard along with an eclectic mix of music that is prompted by her own influences and obsessions. Howard says her Sonos station includes a wide range of music that has inspired her from childhood up until now:

The Encyclopedia of Brittany is a collection of songs that weaves in and out of my personal education of music and how one goes about making it. There are beloved songs from my earliest memories of childhood to things I’ve just recently discovered. One song can be so drastically different from the next, because all that is necessary to make this list is a song that made me think, ‘wait, what is this?’ at one point in my life. I’m excited to share this with you and I hope you find something new here that can inspire you as well.”

Just ahead of the new station’s launch, Howard announced her curated project on social media.

Along with Howard’s Sonos station, the streaming service also announced that Thom Yorke will have his own curated station. The service is also passing the aux cord to other musicians like Phoebe Bridgers, Jamila Woods, Khruangbin, Soccer Mommy, Vagabon, Whitney, and more with guest DJ opportunities.

The Encyclopedia of Brittany is available now via Sonos. Learn more about Sonos Radio here.