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D Smoke, SiR, And Issa Rae Stage A Strip Club Stick Up In Their Reverse-Shot ‘Lights On’ Video

Inglewood natives D Smoke, SiR, and Issa Rae team up to stick up a strip club owner in the Jack Begert-directed video for D Smoke’s Black Habits single, “Lights On.” While the video tells a relatively straightforward story, it does so in reverse, opening with the three stars making a dramatic getaway and narrowly avoiding retribution for their daring robbery and follows Issa in the role of a fed-up stripper who sticks up her boss with a gun in her purse.

D Smoke, the winner of Netflix’s first season of Rhythm + Flow after impressing hosts Cardi B, Chance The Rapper, T.I., and guest judge Snoop Dogg, has been steadily rolling out videos from his 2020 debut album, including title track “Black Habits” and the aggressive “Gaspar Yanga,” solidifying his spot in the rap game after his splashy entrance on Rhythm + Flow. Meanwhile, his brother SiR recently dropped the animated video for his Chasing Summer single “John Redcorn,” reimagining the members of Black Hippy as characters from the cartoon sitcom, King Of The Hill.

As for Issa Rae, you won’t see her sticking up any strip clubs in real life. She was recently announced as executive producer on another new show at HBO alongside Dwayne Johnson, even as her own Insecure continues to dominate the social media discussion despite competing for eyeballs with ESPN’s Michael Jordan miniseries The Last Dance. She’s also the producer on an HBO Max show about a female rap group that sounds a lot like the origin story of City Girls by way of Dave or Atlanta. It’s safe to say all three stars of “Lights On” have been enjoying the spotlight and making plenty of money thanks to their various skills.

Watch D Smoke’s “Lights On” video above.