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Dirty Projectors Announce Their Ambitious Plan To Release Five EPs In 2020

The Dirty Projectors continued their nearly two decades-spanning career last March with the EP Windows Open. But the four-track EP is not the band’s final project for the year. Instead, Dirty Projectors have an ambitious plan in the works. The group’s latest EP was not a one-off effort. Rather, the band plans on releasing an impressive five EPs over the course of the year. Announcing their plan, the group shared the next EPs’ lead single, “Lose Your Love.”

“Lose Your Love” arrives on the forthcoming effort, Flight Tower. The track’s exuberant instrumentation lays the groundwork for the accompanying feel-good lyrics. “I never want to lose your love / I never want to let you down / In wilderness we won’t give up / Just hold on let yourself be found,” keyboardist/vocalist Felicia Douglass sings. For both “Lose Your Love” and Flight Tower as a whole, Douglass took the lead. The singer built each track off the forthcoming EP around her high-reaching alto and penned the lyrics in collaboration with Dirty Projectors’ longstanding member Dave Longstreth.

Watch the “Lose Your Love” video above and find the Flight Tower EP cover and tracklist below.


1. “Inner World”
2. “Lose Your Love”
3. “Self Design”
4. “Empty Vessel”

Flight Tower is out 6/26 via Domino. Pre-order it here.