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Judi Dench Has Some Colorful Thoughts About Her ‘Battered, Mangy’ Look In ‘Cats’

Ever since the first trailer dropped, Cats made it abundantly clear that it would be a very strange ride featuring celebrities transformed into surreal, if not nightmare-inducing CGI felines. Since then, the film has achieved a cult following for its trainwreck qualities. It’s also become a curiosity watch during these social distancing times.

While very few actors have broken their silence on filming the critically panned adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s musical, Dame Judi Dench has opened up about her experience in an interview with British Vogue. She, uh… she’s not a fan. In fact, she hasn’t even watched the finished film, but she is aware that the final product has somehow found an audience with a generation who enjoys a good disaster.

Dench visibly prickles at its mention. “The cloak I was made to wear!” she cries. “Like five foxes f**king on my back.” Filmed in green screen, and with her eyesight impaired, Dench has yet to see the film in full but was far from pleased at how her Old Deuteronomy turned out looking in the pictures she’s seen. She’d hoped she would look rather elegant. Instead: “A battered, mangy old cat,” she says, appalled. “A great big orange bruiser. What’s that about?”

Unfortunately, Dame Dench didn’t comment on the elusive “Butthole Cut” that captivated social media after Seth Rogen got high and live-tweeted the film during the early days of the quarantine. According to legend, there’s a version of Cats where the characters had, let’s just say, very detailed posteriors, but the CGI team was ordered to remove it. What really happened is that the fur simulation software accidentally made some of the character models look like they had certain female parts, and that’s what the VFX team had to alter. Of course, if you think people still aren’t clamoring for a release of that version of the film, you obviously haven’t been on the internet very long.

(Via British Vogue)