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Allen Iverson Once Ducked Out Of Sixers Practice To Eat Taco Bell Then Came Back

There are — and this is a conservative estimate — 10,000,000,000 stories from Allen Iverson’s tenure in the NBA that highlight that he’s a uniquely wonderful athlete. All of them tend to involve him deciding he was not going to do something basketball players are normally supposed to do and then going out and dropping a zillion points in a Sixers win. A slightly NSFW example:

Allen Iverson ruled, as does the latest story we have about him doing something that you might not expect from an NBA player. Being a high-level professional athlete, theoretically, involves eating right and having the sort of balanced diet that views food as good, clean fuel to operate as peak efficiency.

Iverson, however, was not that sort of cat. In a new piece by Rich Hofmann of The Athletic, we learn that Iverson loved himself some Taco Bell, to the point that he would always go there when Philly would put on Fan Day events involving players. But the best anecdote comes via Larry Platt, the author of a book on Iverson who said the following:

There’s also a moment where he disappears from practice because his guy Gary Moore had Taco Bell outside in the little hallway, which was at St. Joe’s (where the Sixers practiced). Allen goes out, downs a few burritos and then comes running back in and rejoins the scrimmage.

There are few things on this earth I want to know more than what Iverson’s Taco Bell order was, and one of those things is what is the most Iverson ever spent on one meal from Taco Bell, since that’s the exact sort of place where spending $20 can get you enough food for a few days. I’m also operating under the assumption that after he did this, Iverson not only was not bogged down by his mid-practice meal, but he proceeded to just thrash everyone else, because he is Allen Iverson, and he was the dude who just did that sort of thing.