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More On The Health And Safety Precautions At AEW Dynamite

We reported last week that All Elite Wrestling announcer Excalibur had promised that when AEW Dynamite went live this week, every person in the building would be “tested,” but I made a point of mentioning that he never made it clear what test they were being given, and that anything less than a COVID-19 test wouldn’t meet a reasonable standard of safety. Fortunately, we now know they are testing specifically for COVID-19 as they prepare for tonight’s live broadcast.

Chapter 115 of IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees), the union that represents AEW’s production crew, posted on Facebook about the level of precaution they’re experiencing today at Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, which does include COVID-19 Rapid Tests for everyone, as well as masks and other precautions:

We reopened with AEW-All Elite Wrestling SAFELY at Daily’s Place Amphitheatre today. A COVID-19 Rapid Test was given to every stagehand, road crew, venue staff and talent before entering the venue. Portable wash stations, hand sanitizer stations, mandatory masks covering, social distancing (especially at breaks) at all times. We didn’t ask to be the first but we are and we are working to keep it SAFE! #iatse115 #unionstrong #returntoworksafely

Obviously even this isn’t as 100% safe as cancelling and letting everyone stay home would be, but if AEW’s going to run shows right now, it sounds like they’re being as safe as they possibly can.

Tonight should also see the return of some AEW talent who missed the tapings that comprised their last month of episodes. For example, Nyla Rose is there, and she took the precaution of not just traveling in a mask herself, but also providing one for her Title Belt.