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Jamie XX’s ‘Idontknow’ Video Is Freestyle Choreography On The Lamp-Lit Streets Of Belfast

UK producer Jamie xx recently released his first solo single in over five years. His return arrived with “Idontknow,” the club-ready track with a thumping beat. Now, Jamie has shared a visual accompanying his comeback single.

Co-directed by Oona Doherty and Luca Truffarelli, the visual sees Doherty moving through the quiet, lamp-lit streets of Belfast at night. In unison with the ebb and flow of mixed synths, Doherty unfolds with a range of emotions. Her body heaves with anger, jerks with frustration, and sways with a euphoric release. Doherty wanders aimlessly before stumbling upon the source of all her pent-up emotions, a woman in a blue car, who she runs over to and longingly embraces.

Alongside the visual’s release, Doherty, the video’s dancer and acclaimed Belfast choreographer, shared a poem that served as inspiration while working on the dance moves with Jamie:

“I don’t know
Boiling up inside ya, Like a kettle
Like a frying pan spitting hot oil out.
Roaming, soaking, empty streets
Blue tv light beaming out
A dirty beat
Our stamping feet
Don’t know whear to put it
Some times
Some times you just need a hug”

Ahead of the video, Jamie shared clips of Doherty and other dancers moving to the track. The clips served as inspiration for the full visual and even inspired a wealth of choreography clips from fans in response.

Watch Jamie xx’s “Idontknow” video above.