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R.A. The Rugged Man’s Guide To Your Next Trip To Berlin (Whenever That May Be)

We’re still pretty far off from the day when we can all hop on international flights and return to carefree traveling, but nothing is going to stop us from dreaming about all the places we plan on going in the near(ish) future. Social distancing and safety measures will likely change the destinations many of us choose when planning trips, but if you like food, beer, or partying, one of the first stops on your post-coronavirus world tour has got to be Berlin. If it was good enough for David Bowie and Iggy Pop, it’s good enough for you.

It’s also good enough for hip-hop legend R.A. the Rugged Man. R.A., known worldwide as one of the rap game’s most fascinating characters, has called Berlin home for the past half-decade and might be the only person who knows it as well as our own Zach Johnston. The rapper also just recently dropped an album, All My Heroes Are Dead, on April 30. The spaghetti-Western themed project sports a star-studded lineup — including features by Ghostface Killah, Atmosphere, Ice-T, Brand Nubian, and Onyx — and honors the lyrical greats of hip-hop’s past.

Give it a spin while you check out the best Berlin has to offer according to R.A. The Rugged Man.

Berlin is known for its eclectic music scene and nightlife, what are some of the best clubs for catching live music?

Musik & Frieden

Musik & Frieden always has good hip-hop artists. Also, Cassiopeia has been doing hip-hop shows forever and that’s actually surrounded by walls and a street of incredible graffiti. Berlin has a lot of hip-hop legends or underground kings on the regular. They appreciate the legends more in Europe than they do in the US.

Best place to grab an after-party late-night bite?

Anywhere that serves Turkish Kebabs

Usually, folks just hit up a Turkish kebab spot after a late night. They’re open all night or mad late and all the drunk people go and stuff their faces.

Best hangover breakfast for the morning after?

Eierschale Dahlem

The best brunch is probably at Eierschale Dahlem, it’s an ill buffet with everything. The mother of my kids takes me and the babies there and its beautiful place, great food, live music always a good time.

Where in Berlin can we catch some delicious street food?

Hit up the Curry Wurst stands

I’m not a huge fan of it but the Germans love their damn currywurst. I guess if you’re trying to experiment and learn foods of different cultures hit one up. And then get it with French fries smothered in mayonnaise and ketchup, that’s how they do it out here.

What’s the best bar to check out in Berlin?

The Velvet

One spot I loved when I was out with a friend recently was called Velvet. She told me to meet her there and the place distilled a fucking Christmas tree. I was curious so I tried it and it tasted incredible so I drank the fuck out of that Christmas tree all night and got fucked up.

What is one thing everyone should experience in Berlin?

Visit the Deutsche Kinemathek

Well most people like the wild nightlife and crazy sex and drugs and parties but, I’m an old man nerd nowadays, so there’s a film museum that has the entire history of German Cinema it’s over in Potsdamer Platz which is a cool little area with restaurants and couple spots.

Which neighborhood should you absolutely visit?


Berlin is so big. It depends on what you’re looking for, but most of the artsy people like to hang out in Kreuzberg.

What inspires you about Berlin?


My two kids live here. They’re probably the only things that inspire me at all in this fucked up world.

What is one restaurant in Berlin we must eat at?

Grill Royale

Grill Royale is one of my favorite spots for steak and seafood and just to chill and relax next to the water. Always interesting people there too. One time Nena — who had that giant ’80s song “99 Luftballons” — was chilling there and invited us to kick it at her table with all the members of Blondie and Debbie Harry sitting next to me. That was a fun night.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Berlin when you have free time?

Catch a film

Like I said I’m a film nerd and Berlin has awesome movie stuff going on all the time. Some time they screen classic silent movies like The Golem or F.W. Murnau’s Faust or Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and they get full live orchestras to score the entire films live. Pretty incredible.