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‘Verzuz’ Fans Roast Florida Rapper Khia For Challenging Trina To A Livestream Battle

As the buzz for the Verzuz hits battle series on Instagram Live increases, fans and stars alike have proposed matchups ranging from Ja Rule vs. 50 Cent to French Montana vs. Kendrick Lamar, with some fans clamoring for even more long-brewing rivalries and interesting matchups to play out on the livestream. However, it appears unlikely that the latest artist to issue a challenge to a rival rapper will get much of a chance after fans scoffed at the suggestion she made on her own Instagram Live.

Florida rappers Khia and Trina have never really gotten along. Whether it’s due to personal issues or the Highlander-like attitude of the 2000s that only one woman could reign at any given time, the pair have traded shots throughout the last two decades, but never really figured out how to resolve whatever caused their beef in the first place. Khia came up with what she thought might be a perfect solution: Take it to Instagram and let the fans decide.

However, once fans on Twitter got hold of the above video, her suggestions became a standing invite for a free-for-all roast session focusing on the fact that, aside from one track that really blew up around the turn of the millennium (“My Neck, My Back (Lick It)”), she really doesn’t have enough hits to make a hit battle worth the investment for her opponent.

While Khia certainly had her supporters — mainly hailing from The Sunshine State like the two rappers — Mannie Fresh already proved that relying on regional hits during one of these things is no way to keep fans entertained during a livestream. As T-Pain put during his trade-off with Lil Jon, “It’s a party, Jonathan” — there may not be any “winners,” per se, but if fans don’t know the songs, they won’t stick around with so many other streaming options available. In Khia’s case especially, her own biggest hit has since been co-opted by Gen Z favorite Saweetie, who turned Khia’s raunchy hit into a more family-friendly party anthem with “Icy Grl.”

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