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Mxmtoon Taps Lil Jon And Fans For A One-Year Celebration Of Her ‘Prom Dress’ Single

Though Mxmtoon just released her latest EP, Dawn, the 19-year-old songwriter is celebrating a big achievement. One year ago, Mxmtoon’s breakout single “Prom Dress” was released, the song that marked her pivot to pursuing a career in music. To celebrate the release, the singer looked to friends and fans on the internet to offer clips of them lip-synching the single.

Mmxtoon’s “Prom Dress” was infamously influenced by her experience eating a cheeseburger and then realizing she no longer fit into her prom dress anymore. But the singer has come a long way since then. Not only has she graduated high school, but she’s gone on to garner hundreds of thousands of fans and receive critical acclaim for her music. The single’s anniversary video celebrates all she’s achieved and features cameos by influences, fans, and friends, including Lil Jon.

The visual opens with a compilation of TikTok videos of people singing along to the single. Near the beginning, Lil Jon appears on the screen and delivers his signature catchphrase, “Yeeeeeeeahh.”

In a statement upon sharing the video, Mxmtoon thanked all who took part in making it special: “prom dress” is one year old TODAY! thank you to everyone who helped make this celebratory video a reality, this chapter has been a whirlwind, and i’m so glad i get to share it with you!”

Watch Mxmtoon’s “Prom Dress” anniversary video above.

Dawn is out now via AWAL. Get it here.