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‘The King Of Staten Island’ Trailer Stars Pete Davidson With An Easter Egg Appearance From An NYC Hero

The trailer for The King Of Staten Island, Judd Apatow’s upcoming comedy starring Pete Davidson (in a role that takes inspiration from Pete Davidson’s pre-SNL life), has arrived. The movie is one of the most anticipated titles to adjust to the current situation with Universal announcing a straight to VOD release (the official date is June 12), and this trailer doesn’t hold back on where the semi-autobiographical vibe lands.

Like his character, Scott, Davidson lost his father, a NYC firefighter, in the 9/11 terror attacks. And in this movie, Scott’s been living through a case of arrested development while loosely aspiring to be a tattoo artist and smoking weed, but when his mother (Marisa Tomei) starts dating a FDNY member (Bill Burr), the self-reflection begins. That’s where an Easter egg comes into play: Steve Buscemi, a former firefighter who assisted the FDNY after 9/11, plays a veteran firefighter who encourages Scott to give it a go. And since this is a comedy, Scott gets hazed with a firehose while attempting to sleep.

The film’s synopsis, however, indicates that Scott heads down a different career path, stand-up comedy. The trailer promises a heartfelt-yet-funny treatment of the subject matter, and The Wallflowers “bring home it home” (yes, I said it) at the end of the trailer with “One Headlight.”

The King Of Staten Island arrives on June 12. Here’s a clip of Davidson visiting The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon (where the trailer debuted) and explaining how Bill Hader helped launch his showbiz career.