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Bill Murray And Guy Fieri Are Competing In A Live ‘Nacho-Off’ For Charity This Friday

The only thing more delicious than watching two people put their culinary skills to the test in a head-to-head competition is when those two people are beloved celebrities. Guy Fieri and Bill Murray fit that description to a T. Assuming you love them both as much as most of America and love nachos as much as we do, you’re not going to want to miss the two stars facing off this Friday in a nacho making competition.

Is it all a little random? Sure, but this is the Mayor of Flavortown versus the Mayor of Pawnee in a “nacho off” — it’s practically a can’t miss event.

In partnership with Tostitos, the “Nacho Average Showdown” will see the two icons joined by their sons Hunter Fieri and Homer Murray for a four-way virtual nacho-off in an effort to raise some much-needed funds for the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (RERF), which seeks to offer aid to the restaurant workers facing financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The event will be live-streamed for free on the Food Network’s Facebook page on Friday, May 15th, and viewers are encouraged to show their support by tuning in and donating $10 directly to the RERF, or by simply ordering food from a local restaurant.

If the event didn’t seem star-studded enough, the Murray and Fieri family dishes will be judged by Shaquille O’Neal and actor Terry Crews, with the Food Network’s own Carla Hall acting as the night’s emcee. To watch the Nacho Average Showdown, head over to the Food Network’s Facebook page beginning at 5 pm ET on May 15th. Hopefully, both competitors know the secrets of layering.