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Two Superstars Met Their Demise On The Roof Of WWE Headquarters During Money In The Bank

WWE’s 2020 edition of their Money In The Bank pay-per-view was one for the record books. For the first time ever, all 12 Money In The Bank ladder match combatants, both male and female, competed at the same time to secure one of two briefcases suspended high above the rooftop on WWE’s corporate headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. Something something risk something something reward.

The main event was a surreal experience, with mid-match food fights, surprise cameos, intergender combat and plenty of broken office furniture along the way — but nothing was more shocking than what happened once the competitors made it to the rooftop.

After getting knocked off a ladder earlier by women’s Money In The Bank winner Asuka, King Corbin rallied by throwing not one but two fellow male competitors off the roof of WWE headquarters. So, uh, if you’re a fan of Rey Mysterio and/or Aleister Black, you may want to avert your eyes now:

Here’s the good news, though: Despite murdering two human beings in front of an audience of millions (or not — the camera repeatedly showed the wrestlers were on a raised platform, so Zelina Vega and Dominic can rest easy), Corbin still wasn’t able to win the men’s Money In The Bank match, losing the briefcase to Otis, of all people.