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Earthgang Takes A Tranquil Trip In Their Hypnotic ‘Fields’ Video

Earthgang’s psychedelic adventures in Mirrorland continue in the latest video from their debut album, “Fields.” Continuing the head-spinning, eye-popping journey depicted in their videos for “Lala Challenge” and “Avenue” — once again conceptualized by Strangeloop Studios and McKay Felt — “Fields” is a bit more languid, with Olu and WowGr8 spending some time laying in the grass and contemplating life rather than being beset by flying monkeys and desert tornadoes.

Like many artists, the duo had to adjust their promotional strategy on the fly once they couldn’t stage more elaborate video shoots due to social distancing guidelines, but unlike a lot of others, they had an album concept they could express naturally through animation, with the resources and connections to bring their colorful Mirrorland to life. Meanwhile, their real lives have been a bit more down to Earth; Wowgr8 is busy being a dad — but not too busy to contribute a verse to Guapdad 4000’s Rona Raps — while Olu has been hosting video yoga sessions for his Instagram followers.

2020 has mostly been an “up” year for the Atlanta duo though, with their features on Revenge Of The Dreamers III earning them their first platinum plaques as well as a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album before the lockdown.
Watch Earthgang’s “Fields” video above.