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A Kanye West Collaborator May Have Revealed The Title Of His Next Album

Kanye West has proven in recent years that he’s capable of extreme productivity. Last year, he put out an album and a Sunday Service album. The year before that, he had that famous run of albums that he worked on in Wyoming and performed on and/or produced. Now it looks like he’s ready to get back at it in 2020, as one of his collaborators may have let it slip that something new from the rapper is coming soon.

In an interview with French fashion multi-hyphenate Michèle Lamy, cinematographer Arthur Jafa revealed he was working on a new Kanye video. When asked if the clip was related to Sunday Service, Jafa answered, “No, it’s from his new record. It’s called God’s Country, and this will be like the first single, I guess, off it, so… I don’t know if I’m supposed to not be announcing that or whatever [laughs]. I may just be spilling the beans. It’s from a new record that’s forthcoming. I don’t know when the album is coming out, but with the single, I think maybe sometime next week. Maybe, it’s not sure, it’s not definite.”

It’s not entirely clear if “God’s Country” is the name of an album or a song (or both), but either way, it wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye on Kanye’s social media pages and see what happens in the coming days.