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Ice Cube Shares A Streak Of Conspiracy Memes, Including One Being Called ‘Antisemitic’

Ice Cube is swimming in dangerous waters thanks to his latest run of tweets that have some calling him “antisemitic” — a charge that he’s defended himself from in the past. Cube, who’s become more active on his Twitter channel lately, began posting a series of photo memes relating to various Afrocentric conspiracy theories that have floated around the community for a long while.

At first, he posted a context-less image of a black cube next to Egyptian hieroglyphs, but it wasn’t long before things got weird. Next, he posted a collection of architectural structures from around the country with a caption reading “Black Cube Of Saturn.” But then, he shared a meme placing the cube within the six-pointed Star Of David and things got really hectic. Before long, commenters began to react, accusing Ice Cube of sharing antisemitic messages, while others wondered whether he’d been hacked.

Of course, it wasn’t the first time he’d faced down such accusations. In the wake of his second album Death Certificate in 1991, he was accused of including antisemitic content in his lyrics. In response, he famously said, “I’m not antisemitic. I’m anti-Jerry Heller,” referring to NWA’s former manager, who Cube accused of withholding the group’s money and forcing him out of the group.

That didn’t stop him from continuing to post the conspiracy-related memes and other unusual Afrocentric art, as well as photos from his iconic rap career.

Cube is far from the first rapper to post questionable conspiracies online. Back in 2016, B.O.B. drew a backlash from his belief in Flat Earth Theory. But maybe the best thing for him to do while the nation attempts to come together to fight police brutality would be to log off for a little while and let other voices take the lead.

See Ice Cube’s “antisemitic” meme and the reactions to it above.