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Lil Peep Details The Creation Of His ‘Crybaby’ Mixtape In A Throwback Interview

With the announcement that his beloved mixtape Crybaby had been made available on all DSPs, Lil Peep re-entered the conversation for the day (before it was derailed by Ice Cube conspiracy theories and the backlash against Tekashi 69’s reunion with Nicki Minaj) as fans discussed the tape’s impact. As fans reminisced about their hero’s life and legacy, a charming reminder of Peep’s personality appeared on the timeline as well: A vintage interview the young emo rapper conducted with with the Ham On Everything podcast in 2016, which he recorded shortly after playing the hosts his then-new mixtape in its entirety.

The interview, recorded when Peep was just 19 years old, describes the recording process for Crybaby, as well as revealing behind-the-scenes tidbits for fans about his inspirations and influences. He admits that he recorded the tape in just three days on a $150 microphone with a sock over it as a pop screen. He also says that he was inspired by LA underground group Seshollowaterboyz, which consists of SoundCloud rappers Bones, Chris Travis, Eddy Baker, and Xavier Wulf. There are also fan call-ins, as Peep chops it up with fans via phone.

Listen to the throwback interview above and stream Crybaby on your favorite DSPs now.