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Killer Mike Takes Over Selena Gomez’s Instagram To Teach About Activism

Since breaking into stardom as an actor and musician, Selena Gomez has often used her platform to speak about immigrants’ rights and push for immigration reform. Now in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and protests over police brutality, Gomez is using her platform to uplift the teachings of Black activists. The singer has invited a range of organizers to take over her Instagram account, like co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement Alicia Garza and author Ibram X. Kendi. Now, Gomez has given her account to Killer Mike to spread awareness about racial injustices.

Kicking off his Instagram takeover, Killer Mike wrote that many are asking him how they can personally make a difference. The rapper said, “start local.” Killer Mike advised people to support local candidates and grassroots organizations, even shouting out a few in his Atlanta hometown. The rapper also said he appreciates protests, but another way to effectuate change is to organize and vote for progressive candidates in local elections.

@selenagomez on Instagram
@selenagomez on Instagram

Continuing his posts, Killer Mike admitted to feeling “sadness, misery, hopelessness; basically everything that every Black person feels in their gut.” The rapper said it’s important to be honest about emotions.

@selenagomez on Instagram

Killer Mike has been very vocal about Black Lives Matter following the protests. Most recently, the rapper appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to give “homework” to white people about how they can become better allies.

Check out Killer Mike’s advice on how to make a difference above.