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HBO Max’s ‘Love Life’ Gets A Second Season But (Mostly) Loses Anna Kendrick

HBO Max only launched a few weeks ago, but already the streaming service has renewed one of its top performing original series.

The HBO Max Original Love Life has been officially picked up for a second season, and the news couldn’t have arrived at a better time. The show’s final four episodes were made available for streaming on Thursday, and now, viewers won’t have to wonder in suspense if there’s more of the series to come. However, there is some good and bad news for fans of the show who fell in love with Anna Kendrick’s Darby.

From HBO Max:

Season two will remain set in New York City but will focus on a new character’s journey – one which explores what happens when you’ve lived your whole life knowing who your soulmate is, only to find out years into a marriage that it’s not the right fit at all. The new season will also cleverly key off characters in season one, and ‘Darby’ (Anna Kendrick) will appear occasionally.

Originally, Love Life was supposed to be an anthology series, but it sounds like Kendrick, who also executive produces the show, couldn’t resist coming back for more despite where Darby’s story ended in the first season. “It’s been a labor of love working with everyone on Love Life and all who helped shaped Darby and brought her story to life,” Kendrick said in a statement. “I am excited to be able to collaborate again with the team on a new character and their journey.”

The first season of Love Life is currently available to stream on HBO Max.