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Bully’s Disorienting ‘Where To Start’ Video Heralds Her Third Record, ‘Sugaregg’

While writing Bully’s third album, vocalist Alicia Bognanno underwent some major life transitions. “Where To Start,” the noisy and earnest lead single that announces Bully’s forthcoming album Sugaregg, was born out of the clarity that came with her life’s upheaval.

Speaking to Rolling Stone about “Where To Start,” Bognanno said she channeled Chumbawamba’s 1997 track “Tubthumping” while drafting the single: “I was listening to ‘Tubthumping’ by Chumbawamba and picking apart the melodic structure and sort of trying to mimic that. I’m not even joking; it still makes me laugh to think about. But let’s be real, that is undeniably a solid song. ‘Where to Start’ addresses the frustration that comes along with love having the ability to fully control your mood and mental state for better or worse. It was therapeutic to funnel some lightheartedness into what can be an otherwise draining state of mind.”

Directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz, Bully’s “Where To Start” video visualizes that frustration through a disorienting series of clips. Filmed in isolation, the video boasts messy paint, glitter, and a cameo from Bognanno’s dog.

Speaking about the album as a whole, Bognanno says it marks a sonic shift from her previous records. Pointing to “Where to Start,” and a few other tracks on the record, Bognanno said “there are more songs about erratic, dysfunctional love in an upbeat way, like, ‘I’m going down and that’s the only way I want to go because the momentary joy is worth it.’”

Watch “Where To Start” above and below, find Bully’s Sugaregg cover art and tracklist.

Sub Pop

1. “Add It On”
2. “Every Tradition”
3. “Where To Start”
4. “Prism”
5. “You”
6. “Let You”
7. “Like Fire”
8. “Stuck In Your Head”
9. “Come Down”
10. “Not Ashamed”
11. “Hours And Hours”
12. “What I Wanted”

Sugaregg is out 8/12 via Sub Pop. Pre-order it here.