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Henry Cavill Probably Won’t Get To Make ‘Man Of Steel 2’ Because… It’s Complicated

Shortly after the bombshell dropped that HBO Max will officially Release the Snyder Cut of Justice League, news broke that Henry Cavill will return as Superman in future DC Comics films. Considering the actor played a surprise part in the Snyder Cut announcement by showing up to chat with fans during the quarantine watch party for Man of Steel, it certainly seemed like Cavill was returning to the fold.

However, news of Cavill’s return was already tempered by Deadline‘s initial report that he would not be starring in Man of Steel 2, but would merely be filming cameos in yet-to-be determined DCEU films. Another bigger, wetter blanket arrived just a few days later when sources for The Hollywood Reporter said that Cavill is “not in any negotiations for any cameo,” which began raising the question of whether he’s even returning as Superman at all.

And now to complicate the matter even further, there is a report from Heroic Hollywood that throws even more cold water on the Cavill situation. According to their sources, Warner Bros. is not prioritizing Man of Steel 2 because of its deal with J.J. Abrams, which has long been rumored to involve him putting his own take on a Superman film.

“If your plan is to attract an A-list filmmaker like J.J. Abrams to direct such property, like Superman, they’re going to demand they cast who they want in the title role,” the insider said.

While this information makes the prospect of Cavill fulfilling his dream of starring in Man of Steel 2 look even dimmer, the likelihood of future cameos might not be completely off the table. The actor told Men’s Health back in January that he’s “not given up on the role.” Whether that means he’s willing to settle for brief appearances in the Shazam and Aquaman sequels is up in the air.

(Via Heroic Hollywood)