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Something Disgusting Is Planned For Jeff Hardy And Sheamus’s Smackdown Contract Signing [Spoilers]

Jeff Hardy and Sheamus have a match this Sunday at WWE Backlash, and according to a report by Gary Cassidy of Sportskeeda, things will get heated – and a little gross – between the two beforehand.

The Sheamus vs. Hardy feud began on Smackdown when someone with red hair and a red beard framed Hardy of hitting Elias with his car while intoxicated, both a reference to Hardy’s real-life issues with substance abuse and a device to write the real-life injured Elias off of the show. According to Sportskeeda, this Friday’s episode of Smackdown will feature a contract signing that continues to reference Hardy’s history of addiction.

The plan is reportedly for Sheamus to demand Hardy take “a urine test as he refuses to compete against a ‘junkie.’” Hardy will pee in a cup, but then throw the pee in Sheamus’s face.

Usually, a caveat with reports like this is that WWE is known for re-writing segments shortly before they go on the air, so what’s planned on Thursday could easily not make it on screen on Friday. But since Smackdown is currently pre-taped, this segment is probably here to stay.

The biggest positive: It looks like Sheamus is the real villain of this story and we won’t get swerved by the also red-headed, red-bearded Sami Zayn coming back with no Intercontinental Championship and as a guy who frames people for drunk driving.