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Juice WRLD Lands Another Posthumous Feature On The Kid Laroi’s ‘Go’

A steady stream of Juice WRLD songs and guest appearance has been trickling out since his death in December of 2019. The latest is a featured appearance on “Go,” a new track from 16-year-old Australia rapper The Kid Laroi. Juice served as a mentor for the young rapper while he toured in Australia in 2018 and 2019.

The song is accompanied by a video that features footage of the late rapper. It begins with Juice talking to Laroi, telling him, “[We’ll] make a hit for your birthday, I’ll give you a verse.” He added with a smile, “That’s a $200,000 gift, lil bro.”

Ahead of the video’s release, Laroi shared photos of himself and Juice, accompanied by a message in which he appreciates and thanks the late rapper: “it’s been a little over 6 months since you been gone, and it still doesn’t feel right. before we even met you were my favourite artist, and I still think everyday how cool it was that I got to b damn near family with my idol. you took me all over the world on a f*cking private jet and showed me a whole different side of life that not many people get to see. from all the months you let me live at your crib, to all the nights I spent watching and learning from you in the studio, to all the concerts and tours I got to witness.. I got to learn from a real life legend. it’s not even in my character to write long ass sh*t like this but f*ck it our song is about to come out and I just wanna say how much I wish you were here with me to enjoy this sh*t. we all love and miss you back here.”

Watch the “Go” video above.