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Christopher Nolan Had A Very Personal Way Of Delivering ‘Tenet’ Scripts

Tenet isn’t the first wide-release title during the summer movie season — the Russell Crowe-starring Unhinged and Selena Gomez-produced The Broken Hearts Gallery are — but it’s certainly the most anticipated. Even if no one knows what the heck it’s about. Something about inversions, I dunno? To keep Tenet‘s plot a secret, director Christopher Nolan hand-delivered the script to some of his actors, including Kenneth Branagh.

“I’ll tell you how I got the script. The door knocked, I opened the door and standing at the door was an international film director called Chris Nolan. He had an envelope under his arm… ‘I’ve come to deliver the script to you.’ It doesn’t get more personal then that,” Branagh told Collider. “[I asked], ‘How will we talk about this?’ [Nolan said], “24 hours from now, sir, I will give you a telephone call and we will discuss it.” It’s [that] simple.”

It’s fun to imagine that, upon receiving the phone call 24 hours later, Branagh told Nolan, “Boy, this thing is a steaming pile of dung. Yeesh.” Seems unlikely, though.

Anyway, just remember, the next time you hear a knock on door, it could be “international film director” Christopher Nolan on the other side. Or more likely it’s Amazon dropping off the socks you ordered. But they’re Batman socks, so it’s kind of the same thing.

(Via Collider)