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Someone Actually Made The Video Game From This Classic ‘Simpsons’ Episode

If you’ve always wanted to putt with the best of them, there’s officially a video game from The Simpsons universe that you need to try out. You probably already know that is one of the best places to find some truly inspired indie games, and this Simpsons-inspired golf game is up there with one of the best discoveries on the site we’ve seen.

The game got plenty of attention when former Simpsons showrunner Bill Oakley tweeted about it on Saturday.

The game — Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge — comes from an episode entitled “Marge Be Not Proud,” the eleventh episode of the show from Season 7. In it, Bart really wants a violent video game called Bonestorm, and even tries to steal it from a big box store.

He gets caught, though, and Marge acts coldly toward him the rest of the episode as Bart attempts to regain her love. The episode ends with Bart getting his mother a picture of himself for Christmas, and Marge revealing that she did buy him a game: just not quite the one he wanted.

That game, of course, is Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge. And while it’s a bit underwhelming, seeing it faithfully recreated online is a true joy. Check out this hot putting action.


Who needs Bonestorm or Bloodstorm or Bonesquad or any other game when you can putt with your 3 wood? The game actually works, so if you remember the episode at all it’s a nice little distraction and a jolt of nostalgia, to say the least.