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Jeremy Piven Is Available For A Zoom Call If You Have A Spare… $15,000?!

Many people are still experiencing the majority of their human interactions on Zoom as the COVID-19 pandemic rages worldwide, so it’s no surprise that the feeling of talking to someone was inevitably monetized for celebrity gain.

Cameo has found interesting ways to stay in the news as many people remain relatively trapped in their homes and seek human connection. Remember when Mark McGrath breaking a couple up during a Cameo went viral, a video that turned out to be a fairly predictable hoax? Well, now the company has upped the ante while adding Zoom calls to the equation. That’s right, for a somewhat unreasonable rate you can now have private talks with celebrities, which I’m sure won’t be awkward even a little bit because you’re just so dang personable.

Cameo’s public relations team listed some of the notable celebrity options like Jeremy Piven, Gilbert Gottfried, Lance Bass, Vicki Gunvalson, Brett Favre, Drake Bell, and Dr. Drew, which are just a few of the more than 50 people now available for Zoom calls. And as the AV Club noted, Piven is available for a 10-minute group call if you have a cool $15,000 at your disposal and need to get yelled at by the dude from Entourage.

It sounds miserable enough that we can’t really blame Jeremy Piven, the mercury-filled Entourage actor, for valuing that 10 minutes at an alarming rate of $15,000. Lance Bass is only charging $1,250, for fuck’s sake. Sean Astin’s only $600. And while $5,000 still seems high for Brett Favre, it’s not $15,000. Thinking it might be a typo, we reached out to Cameo and were told that, yes, that is absolutely Piven’s rate.

Here’s the list of Zoom-available celebrities if you’re looking for a bit of face time with Ari or, say, Tony Hawk. Just maybe think ahead and buy a flip phone Piven can smash against a wall during your call. Really get your money’s worth if you’re gonna go for it.