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Swae Lee Sent 733 Songs To Mike Will Made-It For His New Album

Mike Will Made-It is one of the more prolific producers in hip-hop these days and even his mind was blown by the productivity and work ethic of his collaborator Swae Lee. The Atlanta-based producer and EarDrummers Entertainment CEO tweeted his astonishment at Swae’s ability to churn out new music for his upcoming album, writing, “This man Swae Lee just submitted 733 songs to choose from for his album.” Just to drive home the point, he even added the “mind blown” emoji as well as the trio of symbols representing his label and crew.

Swae announced that he’d be releasing his first “official” solo album, Human Nature, during a livestream concert way back in March after promising to use his time in quarantine productively. Apparently he lived up to the first promise if he was able to sketch out enough songs to impress his label’s head honcho. He even had time to crank out a cover of Diddy’s “I’ll Be Missing You.”

Of course, now the EarDrummers collective must cut down the available pool of choices to something more manageable before release — although album tracklists have ballooned in recent years, it’d likely still be a stretch to ask fans to sit through over 700 songs. We’ll see what they come up with, but if that figure is totally accurate, Swae Lee may have enough material left over for a few dozen new Rae Sremmurd albums as well.

Check out Mike Will’s astonished tweet above.